HM Swiss dedicated

Our dedicated service brings the Hivemanager Swiss concept one step further: Your own platform, as if you would install it inside your own premises, but as a private cloud service. Ideal for those who want to benefit from all features of the Hivemanager on-premise platform while having it operated with 24/7 professional services.

client-management idmanager-group

Hivemanager dedicated is ideal for:

  • Entities with a hierarchical structure, such as school districts. In this case each school can be compartmentalized into its own VHM, while keeping the option of central management by the district’s IT management team.
  • Businesses that need full integration of the Hivemanager platform into their own infrastructure. Examples are sending log files to their own Syslog server, integrating their AD server for Hivemanager admin access, etc.
  • Those who need to use Aerohive’s advanced features such as Client Management and Identity Manager.

Client Management is a cloud-enabled comprehensive solution for device onboarding and management.

ID Manager is a cloud-enabled enterprise guest and personal device access management system that integrates with your existing authentication system without the addition of hardware or software.