Our story

The Aerohive Hivemanager is Aerohive‘s controller-less management platform for their wireless & wired network access and control solutions. While natively available as on-premise and cloud-based flavors, the latter is run by Aerohive as public cloud service, distributed among world-wide data centers. Hivemanager Swiss combines both concepts to their optimum, making it available as both private and public cloud service, guaranteed to run inside a Swiss Tier-IV data center and operated by a dedicated team of network and security experts.

Hivemanager Swiss is operated by  EDIFICOM, as part of their unique Security as a Service concept, and POLARIX, a Swiss Technology Research & Competence Center.



Active for 10 years in the IT services & solutions domain, working primarily with Swiss businesses and institutions, EDIFICOM has a major track record in understanding IT security issues and managing Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). In order to respond to clients’ needs and to guarantee our data security and network performance, EDIFICOM has partnered with leading vendors vendors for secure and reliable network infrastructure. All their managed services are operated through one of Europe’s most sophisticated data centers, located in Switzerland (Tier-IV certified).


POLARIX is a Swiss Technology Research & Competence Center specialized on wireless infrastructure and training services. Today, Polarix specializes in white-labeled managed services for Resellers and Internet Connectivity Providers.


Aerohive is an innovative enterprise mobility company. Their solutions enable enterprises to leverage the power of mobility to increase productivity, engage customers and grow their business. Aerohive’s proprietary mobility platform utilizes the cloud and a distributed, controller-less architecture to deliver unified, intelligent, simplified networks that can be cost-effectively deployed. The scalability and flexibility of the platform makes enterprise mobility available to organizations regardless of their level of IT resources and enables a consistent network architecture to be deployed across enterprises of all sizes.

Infinigate was founded in 1996 as the first distributor of internet technology solutions in Europe. Since 2002 Infinigate’s sole focus has been the distribution of sustainable IT security solutions to protect and defend IT networks, servers, devices, data, applications as well as the cloud.

As a true value-added distributor, Infinigate focuses on and supports innovative, best of breed security solutions that require an advanced level of expertise and knowledge. Infinigate offers a complete service to its partners and vendors to complement its product portfolio with dedicated technical, marketing, sales and professional services.